Saturday, November 7, 2020

Third Annual Max's All Stars Hall of Fame Game/Open Run

Two weeks ago, on October 24th, 2020 - Max's All Stars hosted an unofficial Hall of Fame Game/Open Run at The Post BK. Thank you to Indoor Hoops for allowing us to rent the court. Jason Lewis and Spencer Smith were our two captains. Obviously this was not a normal Max's All Stars Hall of Fame Game. Unfortunately, capacity was limited so we were not able to have all members of the Max's All Stars family take part. There were no spectators, no referees or scorekeepers - but this was still a very special event. It was the first Max's All Stars basketball event held in 2020. Getting everyone together, catching up and playing some basketball was extremely gratifying during these difficult times. It should be noted that all the necessary precautions were taken. The Post BK and Indoor Hoops had very strict COVID-19 protocols that we all followed. All players were pre-registered online, temperatures were taken and masks were worn at all times when we weren't playing basketball. This was a fun and safe environment. As far as the competition is concerned, Team Spencer faced Team Jason for five games (first to 15 points, 1s and 2s). Team Spencer won and the aggregate score was 75-58. Spencer Smith was named MVP. Thank you to everyone who participated - Angel Gonzalez, Corey Orgias, Jason Lewis, John Simmons, Justin Cardenas, Kaheem Davis, Keone Billey, Kevin Major, Marvin Billups Jr, Nikola Djurdjevic, Patrick James, Rishawn Johnson, Shaun Diaz and Spencer Smith. It was especially wonderful to see two members of our youth basketball program who are all grown up now - Justin Cardenas and Keone Billey. They are both outstanding young men and we look forward to watching/supporting their journeys. Hopefully, we can all get together again soon to play some more basketball and eventually resume competing in leagues/tournaments.

Here are links to the highlight videos:

Saturday, October 24th, 2020
Third Annual Max's All Stars Hall of Fame Game/Open Run
Standing from left to right: Nikola Djurdjevic, Kevin Major, Shaun Diaz, Justin Cardenas, Angel Gonzalez, Corey Orgias, Max Margulis, Rishawn Johnson, Keone Billey, Jason Lewis, John Simmons, Patrick James, Kaheem Davis, Marvin Billups Jr, Spencer Smith (MVP)

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