Monday, March 7, 2016

Max's All Stars split youth basketball scrimmage doubleheader vs NY ISS Flightz

Yesterday, Max's All Stars split their youth basketball scrimmage doubleheader against the NY ISS Flightz - losing the first game, 43-38 and winning the second game, 43-30.

In the first game, Max's All Stars older participants (ages 15-16) coached by Corey Orgias and Jason Lewis got off to a slow start. However, they made a push in the second half to narrow the deficit before ultimately falling short. Here are the players and points scored:
Amara Samoura - no points scored
Compton McAddley - 0/2 FT
Darryl Ottley - 1/2 FT, 1 point
Isaiah Sears - 0/1 FT, 8 points
Jonathan Lloyd - 2/2 FT, 7 points
Justin Cardenas - no points scored
Keone Billey - 0/2 FT
Oddie Santana - 2 points
Rameik Golden - 1/4 FT, 9 points
Michael McCary - 3/4 FT, 9 points
Stewart Talleyrand - 2/2 FT, 2 points
Click here to watch full highlights from the first game. 

In the second game, Max's All Stars younger participants (ages 14-15) coached by Patrick James and Troy Whittington got off to a dominant start. They led 28-3 at halftime. However, the large lead led Max's All Stars to get a little bit sloppy in the second half even though the outcome was never in doubt. Here are the players and points scored:
Justin Cardenas - 2 points
Keshaun Cameron - 2/5 FT, 9 points
Luke Duggan - 1/2 FT, 5 points
Malek Graham - 1/2 FT, 10 points
Raj Topo - 5 points
Ricardo Velez - 2/2 FT, 4 points
Savdeep Gill - 6 points
Sean Eustace - 2 points
Sincere Latif - 0/1 FT
Travis Sukhdevsingh - no points scored
Click here to watch full highlights from the second game. 

Overall, it was a very productive and positive day for Max's All Stars Youth Basketball Program. A lot to learn from and build on going forward.

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