Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Max's All Stars awarded with Red Auerbach statue in recognition of 2nd Annual Zog Sports Jingle Ballin' Winter Hoops Classic Championship

The Zog Sports Jingle Ballin' Winter Hoops Classic Champions do not receive a cash prize or a trophy or t-shirts or anything like that. Instead the winning team gets to make a contribution to the charity of their choice. As champions, Max's All Stars is proud to make a donation to the Red Auerbach Youth Foundation. In recognition of our tournament victory and as a thank you for our charitable contribution Red Auerbach's nephew, Mr. Stewart Grossman presented us with this statue (autographed by Red Auerbach himself) - the same one given to the NBA Coach of the Year every season. Thank you Mr. Grossman, Hope Allen, Zog Sports DC and most importantly all the players who took part - Branden Gibson, Chuck Thompson, Corey Orgias, John Simmons, Kevin Johnson, Marvin Billups Jr, Nikola Djurdjevic, Patrick James and Shereef Taylor. Max's All Stars only played in two tournaments this year and won them both. One in Boston where Red Auerbach is a Celtics legend and the other in Washington, D.C. at the very same school his basketball coaching career began (Saint Albans). Max's All Stars proudly dedicates these two championships in honor of Red Auerbach. He remains a constant inspiration for our team.

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