Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Max's All Stars win at Foster Park, improve to 2-2

Yesterday, Max's All Stars won at Foster Park by a final score of 33-32. The game started an hour late and was disorganized (as Foster Park has been all summer so far), but Max's All Stars stayed focused and ready to play. Coached by Corey Orgias, Jermaine Lewis and Patrick James - our shorthanded squad of only six players built a big lead, squandered that lead, overcame a six-point deficit and hung on for victory. It wasn't pretty, but Darryl Ottley, Elian Davis, Karl Charles, Keone Billey, Marco Bazile and Rameik Golden all persevered to earn this win. Max's All Stars will be back in action at Foster Park later today.
Max's All Stars improve to 2-2 at Foster Park
August 2nd, 2016

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